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We Buy Antiques! We are strong buyers of scrap gold & silver, sterling, silver coins, costume and estate jewelry, vintage gitars and amps, and stereo components.

We buy & sometimes will trade gold for antiques and quality vintage collectibles. See list below for what we buy. We also handle consignments. Please inquire.

We do not offer a Free Online Appraisal or Valuation service for antiques we have not seen in person or are not in front of us.

Please read the FAQ section below for more info on this.

If you have something for sale that you think we would be interested in buying email us at francesca@ellisantique.com, call us at 856.854.6346, or fill out and mail us the form below, with all pertinent details about your antiques, and we will happily discuss it with you.

We are now actively seeking vintage guitars and amplifiers. We also are looking for antique Chinese porcelain, and jade items. We always like Mid Century and Danish Modern furniture, especially by Scandinavian designers. We will purchase modern collectibles such as Lladros and Swarovski, but please be aware that the value has greatly dropped in this market..


Do you buy antiques, jewelry, gold, silver and platinum?
Yes, we are constantly adding to our massive inventory. We buy and take consignments for antiques that are offered to us from private individuals, antique collectors, antique dealers, lawyers for estates, and a number of other sources. If you have antiques or vintage collectibles to sell that would be of interest to us, please read our Seller’s FAQ below first before contacting us by email, phone or fill out the simple and convenient form found here.

Do you sell antiques, gold, silver and platinum jewelry?

Yes! You can shop four different ways with Ellis Antiques. We have a retail store located in historic Collingswood, NJ, are established eBay powersellers, an online store, and occasionally run Estate Sales. Additionally, we wholesale to the industry.

Do you do Appraisals / Give Free Online Valuations? OR
I do not want an appraisal, I just need help or more information. Can you help?
Regrettably, we cannot offer this free service due to time constraints. If the item is not for sale and you are not interested in our professional appraisal service, please do not contact us. We receive so many requests and it would be impossible (as well as unfair to us) to answer them.

I want to sell my antique but do not know what it is worth. What do I do?

It is strongly advised that you present a reasonable idea of what you want for an item. Please take into account that we purchase wholesale and it is impossible for us to pay full retail price.
If you don’t have a suggested price in mind to negotiate, please see the answer below.


I just saw my grandma’s _______ on the Antiques Roadshow and it was appraised at $5000. Are you interested?
An antiques value is contingent upon many factors. To avoid disappointment, be sure of what you have first before projecting an unrealistic value to a piece.

Will you make me an offer for my antique, jewelry, gold, silver or platinum?

Yes, we can make offers on antiques we are interested in purchasing. However, we cannot make offers on antiques that we have not seen in person. If you do email us photos and some information on your piece, if we are interested, we can set up an appointment to discuss the matter further.

If you don’t know what you want for something, we can make you a reasonable offer. Thankfully for you, we are extremely fair and enjoy a favorable reputation. Even those who shop around for a price typically end up selling to us and most always return in the future. Additionally, customers recommend us to friends and family (Referrals are greatly appreciated!).


How much do you pay for antiques, gold, silver, platinum & jewelry?
This really depends on the individual piece, but in general, this is determed by condition, rarity, and desirability of the given piece. Again, we buy wholesale and pay a percentage of the retail ticket. Antique values are volatile, and are subject to market trends and economic pressure. Example: what's hot and what's not-- Chinese antique furniture in the 1980's vs. now, Mid-Century Modern furniture today vs.the 1980's.

How do I sell or consign you antiques?

Easy - just email us at francesca@ellisantique.com, call us at 856.854.6346, or fill out a simple and convenient form with all the pertinent information, and we will get back to you ASAP should we be interested.

How do I receive payment for antiques that I sell you?

We typically pay with a business check.

How long does it take?

We will pay you promptly upon receipt of the item by the method of your choice.

I still need general info about my antique. Can you help?

Due to the volume of requests we receive for free appraisals / valuations and further info, we simply cannot respond individually to these requests.

Do you have a shop?


How do these appointments work?

We prefer that you bring them in - for jewelry, instruments and small items. You can bring items in to our retail shop. Please call first to check with the owner’s availability. Walk-ins and visitors are welcome during the hours of 1 PM to 6 PM Wed. thru Sat each week. We are open Wed- Sat 10 AM to 6 PM. Sometimes we have the door locked if we are in the back Please call us to open the door for you.

For large pieces of furniture, contents of a house, or large items, we ask that you text or email us photos of all the items you want to sell. Please call 856-854-6346 to obtain the correct number to text to. Do not use the store number! It will not work.We will come and look at your items in person if they are of interest to us. We are very flexible and can easily accommodate your work schedule with evening and weekend hours. Note: if you live close to our store, pictures may not be necessary.

How can I send you the gold, silver, platinum or jewelry I want to sell?
Easy. Just get a Priority box at the post office, use a bubble mailer, or even in a plastic baggie inside of an envelope. Upon receipt we will contact you.

Print out the sale form below and include it with your items.

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Please send all mail to:

Ellis Antiques, P.O. Box 8802, Collingswood, NJ 08108


Address (Line 1)
Address (Line 2)
Zip Code
Estimated Age
Where Did It Come From?
Any Signatures / Markings?
Any Other Items Interested in Selling

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*Now **Estate & Costume jewelry / Scrap Gold & Silver**
Vintage Guitars and amplifiers, vintage stereo equipment
Advertising pieces i.e. Coca Cola, etc.
Antiquities (very early items)
Architectural & Garden:

mantles, chandeliers, fixtures, doors, stained glass, windows, ironwork
Art Glass
Asian Antiques- Chinese porcelains, etc, Jade and Jadeite items
Books – 1st editions
Decorative Arts:

ceramics, porcelain, bowls, boxes, vases, teapots, metalware, toleware, woodenware
Entertainment Memorabilia

Fine Art:
prints, photography, sculpture, paintings, lithographs, poster art
Folk Art & Primitives

bedroom sets & pieces, MidCentury furniture,benches, stools, bookcases, cabinets, armoires, cupboards, chairs, desks, dining sets & pieces, dressers & vanities, chairs, sofas, chaises, tables, stands, and unusual pieces. Please be aware that the furniture market is very weak now.
Tiffany, art glass, sculpture, paperweights
Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond Jewelry & Scrap
Historical Memorabilia
Maps, Atlases, Globes
Nautical Items
lamps, chandeliers, fixtures, sconces, stained glass shades
bronze, iron, brass, objets d’art
Militaria Civil War, WWI, WWII
Musical Instruments:

string, guitar, violin, wind, etc.
Postcards & Paper
Rugs, Carpets Oriental
Sewing Collectibles
Scientific & Medical Instruments
sterling and silverplate flatware, hollowware, sets, more
linens, fabric, embroidery, quilts, tapestries, samplers
Old trains, dolls, cars, action figures, Barbie
Mid Century ceramics and furniture
Modern collectibles such as Lladro, Swarovski, etc. however please note valuation is greatly reduced now*
Unusual Items