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Fast cash! Paid settlement!

Home Auctions are the most efficient way to sell your property - fast and cost-effective! Sell virtually immediately and only pay 1%, saving 4-5% as the buyer pays most fees.

The question remains: why on earth do people still use traditional real estate brokers?

Because they aren't aware of the possibility!

While this practice is popular in Pennsylvania and other states, it is a newer approach we are introducing to the South Jersey market with great success. We recently sold a home for $100,000 more than our estimate, as well as greatly exceeding appraisal value. The seller was thrilled! Home values are typically driven up by the urgency of buying at auction.

We arrange an open house before auction and take care of “all the details”. This can be especially beneficial in emotional cases such as death or divorce.

Remember, you receive top market price while selling the property "As Is":NO home inspections,NO price reductions,NO “ifs, ands, or buts!”.

Adding to the convenience, Furniture and Contents can also be auctioned at the same time.

Hesitant? Consider our...


7 Sawmill Rd, Medford, NJ

Sale was November 11, 2006 with an open house on Sunday October 29, 2006

Reserve was $430,000!

Sold for $546,000!

"After my mother’s death, I felt extremely overwhelmed... Thankfully, Francesca Ellis Auctions & Estate Sales took care of all the details, every step of the way.

I’ll admit, I was very nervous before the auction. Not one of the 11 neighboring homes on the market had sold within the past 2 years.

…But once bidding commenced, my anticipated price of $430K turned into $546K in the blink of an eye. The house sold in 5 minutes, and the entire process cost just $5,200!"

-John G., Executor of Estate

Sample Auction terms:
This is a public auction and you are invited to bid. You will need a certified check of $ 15,000 on Sale Day to bid on the Real Estate which will be credited towards the final purchase price if you win the bid. A 45 Day Settlement is required from the date of the auction forward.

1. If you win the bid a non-refundable deposit of $ 15,000 will be required the day of the auction.This can be cash, certified bank check, etc.
2. The home must be settled within 45 days of the falling of the hammer. Pre-approved financing or a cash purchase is very advisable.
3. The home is sold as is, the sale is irrevocable and there are no refunds for any reason.
4. The buyer is responsible for all fees excluding commissions but including transfer taxes, titling and settlement.

Trust the Professionals!

Francesca Ellis Auctions & Estate Sales partners with Caplan's Auction to service the Delaware Valley. Our auctioneer, John Harris, is an accredited real estate appraiser and auctioneer.

A win-win outcome:

Sellers and Buyers alike enjoy savings, speed, and simplicity!

Other listings coming soon! Check back often for new listings.

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